Erasmus+ Project – for learning about music, art, and literature of Europe

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The community of Kulupenai M.Valancius basic school have just begun their second  Erasmus+ Project „Music Unites, Art Inspires“. This two year Project (2019-2021) unites five European schools: Ogolnoksztalcaca Szkola Muzyczna I i II stopnia im. Wieniawskiego – Music school in Lodz, Poland; Instituto Comprensivo „Jannuzzi –Monsignor Di Donna“ – primary/secondary school in Andria, Italy; 13th Primary School Polichni ,Thessaloniki,  Greece; Escola Castell d‘Odena – primary school in Odena, Spain;  Kulupenai M. Valancius Basic School, Kretinga district, Lithuania.

The main goals of the Project are to learn about the most famous artists, musicians and writers of each partner country and understand the importance of their works in the contemporary  modern world. Each partner school  will present their most famous creator(s). In Poland, students will learn about the music of the composer  Frederic Chopin. The Spanish partners will present and explain the art  creations of Antoni Gaudi and Pablo Picasso. In Italy, the Project partners will be introduced to masterpieces of the writer Carlo Levi. The Greek partners will   organise activities  to remember Homer and „The Odyssey“, and  will introduce the partners  with the music  of the composer Manos Hadijakis. The Lithuanian school has chosen the famous composer and artist M.K.Ciurlionis  to be presented to the Project partners.

Various activities related the creators chosen  have been planned in each  partner school. The discussions of students and teachers will be moderated,  art workshops and student drawings will be presented and commented, various  quizzes will be preapred and organised during the international teachers/students‘ meetings in each partner country. The visits to the museums, art galleries, exhibitions and the trips to the places related the famous creators are also planned.  

The teachers and students of Kulupenai M. Valancius Basic School are  highly motivated to learn  about art, music, traditions, and culture of the Project  partner countries. They are also ready to organise the international  teachers/students meeting with high responsibility and willingness to present our culture and the great measterpieces of the famous creator M.K.Ciurlionis. The Kulupenai Community centre and students‘ parents are also ready to bring their contribution for the best results of the Project Programme.

Nijole Montrimaite
English Teacher
Project Coordinator