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The Erasmus+ Project

„ Learning about our countries – we are united in Europe"

Unites pupils and teachers of schools in 5 countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, and Turkey.

The Project is based on learning about Europe and sharing our knowledge with objectives to:

- create more attractive educational conditions based non- traditional ways/methods of teaching/ learning about the EU and the countries of the project;

- create possibilities of self - education for students with low motivation when involving them in task preparation and fulfillment process;

- improve the communicative competences and social skills of pupils while their participating in various activities with peers of the 5 different countries;

- create non-traditional learning possibilities (to learn with peers of the 5 countries) opportunities for pupils;

- raise pupils's motivation in learning English and some basic vocabulary of Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Greek, Polish, and Turkish;

- open traveling possibilities for pupils with lower opportunities when participating in transnational meetings;

- improve pupils' active participation in a society life when presenting the project to their school communities and communities of other participants;

- increase pupils' digital competences when constantly communicating by using IT during the project implementation;

- improve the knowledge about Europe and learn about the 5 countries' geography, history, and culture;

- share the pedagogical competences among teachers of the 5 countries regarding non-traditional ways of education;

- encourage international communication among pupils and teachers of the 5 countries during the project lifetime and after the completion of the project.

Our project consists of 5 parts/ topics: 1.Our Local History, 2. Natural beauty of our countries, 3. Our folklore and customs 4. Our traditional cuisines, 5. Sports and games. Each topic is led by one partner country responsible for the activities and outcomes of the topic. Developing learning/teaching process for each topic would take about 4 months time.