Where Copernicus was wandering

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Summary of the article announced in  the newspaper  of Kretinga District,
                                             „Svyturys“  ( Engl. „Lighthouse“) ,  Lithuania


Where Copernicus was


Kulupenai M.Valancius Basic School, Lithuania, completed the  implementation of the second part  of  the Erasmus Project  „Learning about our countries – we are united in Europe“ – „Natural beauty of our countries“. The learning- teaching activities of the students and teachers of the five countries – Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Poland and Turkey – took place in Zespół Szk ół w Pobiedziskach Szkoła Podstawowa i Gimnazjum, in April, 2016.


Joy of communication

Students and teachers of Pobiedziska organised a meaningful opening ceremony of the transnational meeting introduced the guests to their school premises and history, and organized the activities related the school history. Students and teachers of the five countries were involved in communicative tasks where they experienced a warm welcome and the joy of communication in English.


Students (from the left) Vilius Venckus, Donatas Jurkevicius, Lukas Biriukovas, Agne Visinskaite at the meeting opening ceremony.


Learning geography differently

For the learning – teaching activities, the students studied the main features of the nature of their countries, prepared the

materials for their partners and uploaded them on „TwinSpace“. The students studied the materials uploaded by their peers and prepared for the tasks in Pobiedziska. The participants learned about the climate, monuments of nature, and fauna and flora of the five project countries.


The teachers of the five countries  attending the meeting.


Neringa and „stinta – pukis“

Students of Kulupenai gave a performance of the legend about Neringa which is the name of the Curonian Spit on the Baltic Sea. The story about the giant girl Neringa who helped the fishermen during the storms in the sea was completed with a traditional dance „Stinta – pukis“ (the names of the fish) of the fishermen in Curonian Spit. The leaflet with the summary of the legend was given to the partners.


The moment of „The Legend About Neringa“ .


Baptism, goats, and St Martin croissants

During the visist in Poznan, Cathedral of St Peter and Paul was visited by all the participants. They learned the history of the baptism and the life of Mieszko I, Duke and Prince of Poland. When visiting Croissant Museum in Poznan, students participated in activities of making croissants for themselves. In the Old Market Square of Poznan, students learned the legend and history about the goats in the tower of the Town Hall.


Making ginger bread souvenirs.


The man who stopped the Sun

In Torun, students and teachers learned about the life and discoveries of the great mathematician and astronomer, N.Copernicus. When visiting Copernicus Science Centre, the participants could try and check some of scentific inventions.


Lessons with no homework

Using the materials uploaded by the partners, Pobiedziska school created and   presented the CD „Outstanding Creations of Nature in Our Countries“. The folk band „Wiwaty“introduced the participants to the Polish songs and dances. While dancing and singing together, we all learned the lessons of friendship and communication.

Nijole Montrimaite,
Project Coordinator,