In Songs and Dances We Are United

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Kulupenai M.Valancius Basic School, the cordinator of the Erasmus+ KA2 strategic school partneships Project „Learning about our countries – we are united in Europe“, completed the last part of the programme „Our folklore and customs“. During the second week of October, English, Bulgarian Greek, Polish, Turkish, and Lithuanian languages were heard in Kulupenai school.
The student – teacher teams from five European countries – Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Turkish, and Lithuania - participated in the final transnational meeting. The learning – teaching activities of this meeting were based on the materials prepared by all five partner schools and presented on etwinning platform for all the participants to study. Kulupenai school created an intellectual output, CD, „In songs and dances we are united“.

Greetings and songs
The guests of the meeting were greeted in all the languages of the project by Lithuanian students.
After the short programme, the school headmaster V.Kelpsa and the officials of Kretinga education department and Kulupenai community welcomed the participants of the transnational meeting. Kulupenai school presented a video „These are our countries“. After the opening ceremony, the learning-teaching activities began. First of all, the participants were teaching each other the basic vovabulary in each language of the project. It was not easy to learn some of words, but everyone learned the word „thank you“ in all the languages of the project. Learning the lyrics of the songs and singing all the songs of each country was the most interesting and funniest activity. Everyone admired the singing of the Lithuanian boys and the Polish girls who sang a Polish folk song together. Singing the folk songs of the partner countries became a good start of communication and friendship.

Wisdom of fairy tales

The drama plays of all the school teams based on their countries‘ fairy tales improved the knowledge about the folklore of the project countries. The Bulgarian students presented a fairy tale about the most precious fruit which is knowledge. The Polish team played the legend about the dragon of the Wavel castle that frightened the people, and a shoemaker who killed it and helped the people. The story about the king who learned to bake the sweetest bread and understood how much work is necessary to be done to have it, was presented by the Greek students. Kulupenai school students performed two drama plays. The forth graders reminded the story about the giant turnip and the efforts to pull it out with the help of people and animals together. The seventh graders played „The legend about Neringa“ and invited all the participants to dance a fishermen‘s dance „stinta – pukis“. The fairy tales performed by all the partners opened some of the common features of our project countries‘ folklore.

The national costume and the magic of weaving

The folklore topic was supplemented with the weaving lesson where the Lithuanian national costume was presented for the participants of the meeting. The event was organised and the learning-teaching activities were prepared by the former math teacher of the school, Regina Tilvikiene. The director of Motiejus Valancius museum in Nasrenai, Violeta Cesniene, presented the national costume of the region, the samogitian costume. The national costumes were also demonstrated by the residents of Kulupenai, V. Maciene and J. Rimkuviene.
All the participants of the meeting got involved in the weaving activities. With the help of the Lithuanian students, the guests had a chance to weave a ribbon with the national Lithuanian ornaments. The guest were given these ribbons to have as souvenirs from their Lithuanian peers.
The weaving loom of the teacher, R.Tilvikiene, became the equipment of the greatest interest. The teachers and the students of the project countries wanted to try it and weave at least a few lines. The weaving lesson gave a chance to undestand the art and beauty of a traditional Lithuanian weaving.

What we have learnt about our countries

In Kulupenai, the five Erasmus+ project countries completed the two year Project programme.
Five international teams assessed their knowledge in the quiz „What we have learnt about our countries“. The quiz was based on the materials presented by all the partners about their sports, nature, history, and national cuisines. While in Lithuania, the participants of the meeting, together with their friends from Kulupenai, visited Kretinga municipality, Kretinga catholic church and the winter garden at the Kretinga museum. The participants visited Palanga amber museum and took part in educational activity organised by amber museum where they learned to make cards with the pieces of amber and other natural materials. The beauty of wild nature in the Curonian Spit and the dolphin show in Klaipeda sea museum were enjoyed by all the participants.
During the final evening, there was another activity where everyone got involved. All the partner teams presented their national games or dances and invited to dance and play. A nice programme of Lithuanian folk songs and melodies was given by a folk band of Kulupenai, directed by S.Jucys.

The completed project opened more opportunities for students to learn about the five countries of Europe: their customs and culture, history and nature. When participating in unconventional learning – teaching activities, the participants of the project improved their knowledge in geography, history, music, ethnic culture and English. The transnational students-teachers meetings in five project countries brought the competences of various types of   communication into a higher level. The Project became like a good school of partnership that helped to understand the contemporary world with the prospective plans about the future.

More materials about the transnational meeting in Kulupenai:ūlupėnų-Motiejaus-Valančiaus-mokykla-1317521111644605/

Nijole Montrimaite
Project Coordinator


The meeting opening ceremony



First activities – learning basic vocabulary of the Project languages



Ready for the fairy tale plays



Weaving activities



In Kretinga



The participants – Kulupenai students



In Kretinga museum park