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Address: Mokyklos g. 2, Kūlupėnų k., LT - 5714 Kretingos r.

Fax +370 445 48624

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The school history begins in 1904, when the primary school was established. Later it turned into the four – class school that became the basis of the seven – year school. In 1961, the school was reorganized into the eight-year school. In 1995, the eight – year school was reorganized into the basic school (ten – year school). Three years later, under the initiative of the school teachers, the name of Motiejus Valancius, the Bishop of Samogitia (Zemaitija), was given to the school. Since then, ‚Kulupenai Motiejus Valancius Basic School‘ is a full name of the school.  In 1977, a new school building was opened.
In 2003, the school took part in the school renewal program, and the school building reconstruction began.  In 2005, the interior of the school building was changed on the basis of the artistic design, and the school area obtained the view of a particular educational place.

Kulupenai Motiejus Valancius Basic School provides pre-school, primary, and basic education.  Currently, 200 students attend the school. 27 teachers, special needs teacher, and social work teacher work here. There is a library, a computer class, an assembley  hall, and a gym in the school. 
English and Russian are the foreign languages  pupils are learning here.
The school has chosen the profile of ethnic culture and  popularizes Lithuanian folk traditions.

The school afirms its commitment to the virtues as lifelong education for students, teachers, and parents; acceptance of constant progress in education; communication and cooperation in learning to become disciplined, creative and self-motivated learners; respect and tolerance; opportunities to choose the way of learning and accept responsibilities for  achievements and behaviour.

The school has established a cooperative relationship with educational, healthcare, scientific, cultural, law, children‘s  rights, and other institutions. The school has developed a special program in partnership with schools and institutions which take the name of Motiejus Valancius.

Kretingos r. Kūlupėnų Motiejaus Valančiaus pagrindinė mokykla.Savivaldybės biudžetinė įstaiga.Duomenys kaupiami ir saugomi Juridinių asmenų registre. Kodas:190282326. Mokyklos g. 2, Kūlupėnų k., LT - 5714 Kretingos r. Mob. 8 655 00855 El. paštas